Barefoot Babes

Ellie grew up on a house boat bouncing from island to island on the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland for most of her Childhood. She moved to New Zealand for a few years and then to the small island of Rottnest off the Coast of Western Australia, so have always had the ocean in her blood.

Ellie has just settled down on the gorgeous Gold Coast for good because of how close to the ocean we are. "I love it; the people, the beaches, the hinterland and the surf literally does make it the best pace in the world to be".... We couldn't agree more xx

Here's the lowdown on Ellie;

Q: What song do you currently have on repeat?

A: Sarah - Tourist

Q: Dream Holiday Destination & why?

A: South Africa; Going on Safari & hiking up the mountain in Capetown, surfing Jeffery bay & The Seychelles, playing soccer with the local kids

Q: Whats your favourite scent?

A: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome