Ethics & Sustainability

Designed in house on the Sunny Gold Coast, inspired by our easy living coastal bliss. We create pieces that we want to wear and are versatile so can be worn to the beach, on bike rides or to that special occasion. Now, more than ever they are designed to be worn on repeat, season after season.

Production is done in Bali, Indonesia. We collaborate with family owned and run factories that thrive on love and share our sustainability and ethical values. Being such a critical part of our business we partner with a team who follow best ethical practices such as paying a living wage, holiday pay, insurance and maternity leave.

We are a small business which means we can make decisions to improve us and mother earth quickly to move towards a more sustainable future. We are continuously trying to educate ourselves on sustainable options in the market. We know there are some great options out there, already using Hero Packaging, Better Packaging and Sendle for our biodegradable, earth friendly recycled plastic mailers for our online orders. These are compostable, minimising our environmental footprint.

We are finding recently the decisions we are making are better for the environment, but have less of a brand presence, but that is ok with us. We have moved to biodegradable individual garment bags but chose against featuring our logo on the bag which meant less waste in our waterways. Also opting for spare buttons to be sewn into care labels which resulted in less packaging. We work to always make sure these little decisions count.

We are constantly working with our manufacturers to improve our fabric and colouring process, packaging and produce small quantities and replenish them only if they are in demand. We keep all our extra fabric and use for things like scrunchies or store it away ready to be reused for repurposing.